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Advanced acupuncture therapy

   Acupotomy therapy is the Oriental therapy peeling deep inside the lesions, using a bladed needle which has a thick flat-head and cylindrical body. Its purpose is to resolve chronic soft tissue injury and adhesion, recovering kinetic state. It is an efficient therapy for chronic accumulated injury.

   The operation of a thick flat needle therapy is relatively simple, with the advantages of good curative effect, quick effect, short course of treatment, no toxic and side effects, and wide range of adaptation. It is mainly used for the treatment of soft tissue injury lesions, bone and joint lesions

   Fibromyalgia, migraine, vertigo, 5-sensory disorders, cervical, dorsal, lumbar spondylosis, cervical or lumbar disc herniation, vertebral scoliosis, styoric tendonitis, lateral or medial epicondyle tendonitis (tennis or golfer's elbow), carpal tunnel, tarsal tunnel , flexor tenosynovitis of the fingers, sciatic pain, pain or osteoarthritis of the knees, ankles, calcaneal spur, bunion pain, callus pain, etc.


Procedure method


 We use a specialized Acupotomy targeting to inner core muscles where tenderness appears.

Alternative treatment


 We can substitute general acupuncture and pharmacopuncture treatment for Acupotomy.

Expected results without Acupotomy


 Recovery from disease could be delayed.

  •  Muscle and Joint Pain

  •  Sciatica

  •  Joint pain

  •  Arthritis 

  •  Headaches

  •  Gastrointestinal (stomach and bowel) problems

  •  Post Operative Healing;

  •  Frozen shoulder

What is Acupotomy therapy?

Possible side effects and precautions
Though we sterilize a needle and Acupotomy site directly, inflammation may possibly occur according to patient’s immunity. From anesthetic, side effects including shock, malignant hyperthermia, convulsion, vomiting, dizziness, or allergic response can appear.

On the day of the treatment, DO NO STIMULATE the Acupotomy sites by washing, taking a bath, or drinking. You are recommended to AVOID EXCESSIVE MOVEMENT for 3 days after treatment. You have to BE CAREFUL OF INFECTION on the Acupotomy sites, where sterilized gauze will be applied. 
Acupotomy, advanced acupuncture therapy, Chronic pain
Acupotomy, advanced acupuncture therapy, Chronic pain
Acupotomy, advanced acupuncture therapy, Chronic pain
    Acupotomy treatment.
  Initial consultation and care
            $120 -> $95
         3 times package
            $360 -> $270 
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