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Motion Acupuncture
Advanced acupuncture therapy


   Motion acupuncture (MA) refers to a special acupuncture technique where a patient carries out body motions under supervision of doctors with needles inserted and retained in the points. The motions include active movement, allocinesis and load exercise.


   The technique of MA involves three major procedures,namely target examination (finding target), acupuncture techniques (motion allowed after acupuncture) and motion methods (needle-retaining motion), The target can be found by examining along meridians, along sinews, along muscles and along fascia. The targets are examined with the techniques of pressing along the points, sliding and pressing, smoothly pushing, grasping, and poking.


   Common acupuncture needles are used for MA. The needling methods include floating insertion, perpendicular insertion, oblique insertion, single insertion, and multi-insertion. The motions involve the flexion and extension, stretching, and resistance of the affected muscle(s). MA is mainly applied for the treatment of pain and various soft tissue injuries as well as relevant visceral disorders, which shows clinical efficacy.


  •  Muscle and Joint Pain

  •  Sciatica

  •  Joint pain

  •  Frozen shoulder

  •  Herniated disc

  •  Tennis Elbow/Golfer's Elbow

What is Motion Acupuncture therapy?

Motion Acupuncture therapy
  Initial consultation and care
            $105 -> $89
         3 times package
            $315-> $250
Motion Acupuncture therapy
Motion Acupuncture therapy
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